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I’m delighted that Dee’s Wholefoods invited me to be part of National Vegetarian Week this week.



I used to be a vegetarian myself, so eating lots of vegetables and non processed foods is part of my daily life. I would always encourage people to eat plenty of veggies, as they’re packed full of nutrients and a great way to up your water intake.

Dee’s Wholefoods are based in Cork, and they produce products that have ZERO additives! I’m always dubious when it comes to prepackaged food but seriously…Dee’s food is really clean, and not an additive in sight.

Dee’s sent me three lovely products to sample, which made my lunches nice and easy last week.

First up…




A 400g pot full of healthy ingredients, and ready in 4 minutes…yes please!

The main ingredients are potato, butternut squash and lentils, meaning lots of vitamins and fiber. I didn’t need to tamper with this product at all, because it’s spot on with it’s flavoring and has a delightful creamy texture due to the addition of coconut milk. I added some Asian wraps on the side as a little extra, but alternatively, you could serve this on a bed of rice and the pot would easily serve two people.




I’ll honestly say, I hadn’t tried a Vegan sausage since circa 2004, but when I saw the ingredients of Dee’s sausages, I was intrigued and excited to try them.


The sausages contain Irish Dulse Seaweed, and I am a massive seaweed fan! Dulse is pretty popular in Dongeal, so I’m familiar with it’s wonderful healing properties and nutrients. It’s so refreshing to see that it’s being used in a really creative way.

The sausages themselves look pretty wacky, but after 8 minutes under the grill, they taste great.


They’re spiced with coriander, pepper and ginger, and they sort of reminded me of a really tasty white pudding.


Quinoa is the main ingredient of this pot, which means it’s packed full of protein. Tomatoes, kidney beans, peppers, carrots, onions, sweet potato and spices  (all the really  good stuff)  make up the rest of this mouth watering Mexican feast. This spicy little number served two of us as a really tasty mid-day snack.


I added some feta for a nice creamy texture.



Honesty, it takes a lot to impress me in the food stakes, especially when it comes to convenience foods. I’ve never come across a brand that hasn’t added some sort of GMO or piled on the salt.

So, as a healthy eating advocate, I am giving a firm two thumbs up to Dee’s Wholefoods.

I am so pleased to see that an Irish company is finally creating real, non-processed and seriously tasty convenience food.  Not only that, but all these products are suitable for Coeliacs, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan diets.

So, the next time you’re stuck for a quick lunchtime fix, check out this wholesome Irish range.

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  • Hi Anna-Jane, Myself and my sister are huge fan of Dee’s. She’s a veggie but I’m not. The only thing we haven’t tried yet is the burgers. Everything else is delicious.

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