A Summery Strawberry Salad


I absolutely love big fat juicy strawberries. Strawberries remind me of the summer, and they bring back one of my favorite childhood memories, which was stopping at the side of the road to buy them, and then gobbling them all up before the heat turned them to mush!

Strawberries are now in season, so it’s the perfect time to munch on these vitamin rich lovelies. As most people know, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, so they help boost your body inside and out.



I wanted to use strawberries with an ingredient that would compliment their juiciness, yet add a different element of taste to the plate.

So, after a little contemplation, I decided that Feta could be the key ingredient to bring my strawberry salad altogether, and boy o boy does it work a dream.

Feta is tangy and crumbly, and just typing about it makes my mouth water. This Greek wonder is light and so full on flavor, that you don’t have to add too much to your plate. I’m afraid that Feta is high in sodium, so if you’re health conscious like myself, just go easy on it.





  • 5-6 fresh Irish strawberries per plate
  • A handful of feta cheese
  • A sprinkling of toasted flaked almonds
  • A sprig or two of basil for added flavor
  • A drizzle of balsamic vinegar





  • So, simply slice the strawberries and decorate the plate as you wish.
  • Add the feta and almonds, top with the basil sprigs and then drizzle a little balsamic on top.





This salad is so easy,  yet extremely impressive! You could use this dish an appetizer for guests, and simply  halve the quantity for each plate.


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