Paleo Coconut Chicken


This dish is really easy to prepare, and it’s a fun dish for the whole family to enjoy (without the processed nasties of course). It’s suitable for many diets, including Paleo, Coeliac, Dairy Free and Gluten-Free.

You may keep this recipe plain and simple if you like, or you can jazz it up a little (like I did) with some tasty spices and healthy sides, it’s totally up to your taste preference and dietary requirements of course.

I’m including  my quick and simple dip recipe too, it really tantalizes the taste buds and makes this dish even more appetizing.

Here is a little close up of my two minute chili dip.

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to sides by the way. I used salad because I had an exercise class about two hours later, so I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy beforehand.

I also made some homemade slaw WITHOUT the mayo, I am not really a big fan and again, too many additives for my liking.

The salad I prepared contains a mixture of fruit and veg, the pineapple adds a lovely sweet juiciness to the overall flavour, so I do suggest you try it.

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